Shelf Life Community Story Project
Amplifying community voices, learning from neighborhood stories, and interrupting narratives of erasure in Seattle's Central District.

What This Community Has Done for the City


J.J. Jackson

Don't forget about the history. That's very important to me. And I think it's important to a lot of the families that come from the CD and their family and their family. The Central Area has a lot of history for black people. Okay? Blacks, we were put here. We were put in the CD. So, if you're gonna live in the Central Area, please! Know your history. If your neighbor... see a lot of these people that live in these neighborhoods, they don't know their neighbors. They need to ask their neighbor. "Hi! My name is so and so. How are you today? Do you need anything today? Can I help you today?" Don't ever forget what this community has done for the city.