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Amplifying community voices, learning from neighborhood stories, and interrupting narratives of erasure in Seattle's Central District.

Red Apple is Family

Portrait by Henry Luke

Portrait by Henry Luke

Cappy Kotz has lived in the Central Area for 30 years and has operated Cappy's Boxing Gym in the neighborhood for over 15 years. 

Cappy Kotz

Well, Red Apple feels like a family. That's what it feels like. And the main core have always worked there. So they have worked with each other for a very long time, even before I started coming there. So yeah. every time you go down to the Red Apple it is kinda like visiting your family. You're not just buying groceries. You know, you're hanging out with your neighbors, being watched out and cared for by people who check out your groceries. They're not just checkers you know. And you know that they take care of people.