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The Central District was Disbanded

Photo by Jill Freidberg

Photo by Jill Freidberg

Sky Sawyer

Sky Sawyer grew up at 22nd and Jackson. He's a student at Evergreen State College now, with an interest in Music Journalism. 

When I was younger, me and my parents and I think my grandma, my uncle, and then a few of my cousins lived right in the Central District, and Sunday dinner has always been a part of our family. It's one of those things. And we did that all of the time. Big dinner. Grandma comes over, uncles, cousins. We lived multiple places around the neighborhood, so I can tell you like six different houses that we all had that in.  I could see my cousins whenever I wanted to. They would come over all the time, and we would just hang out. I guess a lot of my extended family moved further south as house prices and stuff started to go up, but as far as all my cousins and stuff like that, it's so hard to see them now because they live so far, and it's crazy because we all used to live in this little microcosm here. Now everyone's just spread out, and it's just kind of like the central district was disbanded, if you will, in a way. And that feeling was kind of sad.