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Grandma's House at Yesler Terrace

Photo by Jill Freidberg

Photo by Jill Freidberg

KL Shannon grew up in the Central District. She lives with her nephews (pictured here) and her mother. They have recently been priced out of the Central District. 

KL Shannon

It was always fun to go to grandma's house, because everybody adored my grandmother. She was really funny. She was the one that really held everything and everyone together. They actually lived in Yesler Terrace, for years. If you've been to Yesler Terrace, it's really like a playground for kids. We would go up to Harborview and make faces at the security guards, and they would run us out of the hospital. It was just like a big play field for us. It was safe. Everybody watched out for everybody's kids. You know you hear that story that, if you did something, your mom was probably going to know about it before you got home, and that's true. That is so true. That is so true. It is so true. Such a true statement.