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Welch's Hardware

Photo by Carina del Rosario

Photo by Carina del Rosario

Bridget Albright is an Emergency Room Physician Assistant. She has lived a few blocks from the Red Apple for over 20 years where she raised three kids and two foster kids

Bridget Albright and Family

.We would walk to Red Apple, and we would walk to Welch’s. It was Welch’s True Value Hardware, and it was really old. I remember to get down to the plumbing parts, you had to go down two stairs, and I had the double stroller, so if I had to get a plumbing part, the guys would watch the twins. I’d leave the twins in the front of the store, in the stroller, for the guys to watch, while I went down and got whatever part I needed. That made me fall in love with this neighborhood, right? The hardware guys are watching the babies so I can go get my parts.