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Earthquake at Langston Hughes

Photo by Jill Freidberg

Photo by Jill Freidberg

KL Shannon grew up in the Central District. She lives with her nephews (pictured here) and her mother. They have recently been priced out of the Central District. 

KL Shannon

One time there was an event actually going on at Langston Hughes, against police brutality, and we had an actual earthquake, but it was funny, because people were ranting and raving about police brutality, and when the earthquake happened, people just like stopped and broke, just like ran out! And I was laughing so hard I couldn't move, because it was just so funny, because you had these people speaking powerfully about they're sick and tired of police brutality, and there needs to be something done, and then this earthquake happens! The chief of police was there, and people were ranting, raving, yelling, and it was really chaotic, but when that earthquake came, people took off running.