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Lead Pipe

Photo by Carina del Rosario

Photo by Carina del Rosario

Bridget Albright is an Emergency Room Physician Assistant. She has lived a few blocks from the Red Apple, for over 20 years, where she raised three kids and two foster kids.

Bridget Albright and Family

One time, the police all pulled up, they pulled over this van, and they were there forever. So the van ended up getting towed and the people ended up being taken off by the police car, and I look out and there's a young woman who was left on my front yard. Like, left. And she's got even a bag or a suitcase with her. And I'm like - it's ten o clock on a Saturday night. So I go out to talk to her. And she doesn't speak English. Very little English. She speaks Spanish. So I call Memo (the neighbor) and I'm like - "Can you come and help me, cause this woman like seems to have been left here by the police." 

I don't know why they pulled the van over originally, but they took them off to the precinct and left her. I called the police - I was livid. I was like, "Why wouldn't you find a place for her to go, like allow her to call somebody? You don't leave her. Would you leave her on the front lawn of somebody's house on Mercer Island? Or Magnolia?"  

Or I remember there was a guy beating a woman with a lead pipe in front of our house, and I called the police, and they were like, "Does he have a gun?" And I'm like, "I don't know, lemme go ask him, you wanna hold on and I'll just...?" And I was thinking - is a lead pipe not enough? Like is that not enough to get you to come?