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Finding Love at the Home of the Barbecue

Photo by Jill Freidberg

Photo by Jill Freidberg

Sky Sawyer grew up at 22nd and Jackson. He's a student at Evergreen State College now, with an interest in Music Journalism. 

Sky Sawyer

There was this place called Home of the Barbecue. It's up the street from here off of Yesler. They knew my dad when he was young, and that's how my parents kind of met, because my parents' families, they lived here for a long time before my dad and my mom got here, and they always hung out with each other. Like, my dad's sister hung out with my mom's cousin all the time. Their families knew each other, but my parents never knew each other.

And so my mom was walking across the street, going into the barbecue place. My dad was driving his work van. He's going to get barbecue, and then my dad just hits on her from the van and was like, "Hey, you're kind of cute." And my mom was like, "Leave me alone." And he was like, "Let me buy you barbecue." And my mom was like, "Okay." And then that's how they meet, and they figured out their families know each other, and that's where it all begins. Home of the Barbecue is still there. That same street that my dad talked about? Still there. And so that moment in history is still there.