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Best Boss

Photo by Inye Wokoma

Photo by Inye Wokoma

Tralaina Jones grew up in the Central Area and has worked in the Red Apple deli for nine years. She was recently priced out of the neighborhood and now lives in Renton. 

Tralaina Jones

It's a comfortable grocery store to work at. Especially when you got a boss like Mike running around.  He's so helpful, He's into all the kids, and I've never seen bosses like that. You know, the older women, he'll go grocery shopping for them, take them their groceries. I can talk to him about anything. If I need help with anything, he's there. About work, her's there to calm me down if I'm just like, I wanna leave, you know. He's an amazing person. Honest.  He gets me through a lot of my troubled times, I can say that.

The employees are cool. We're all like family. I can bring my daughter with me, you know, it always works out for me, working there, it's by her school, it's by my grandparents house, so you know, I like it. And I've been going to that store since I've been a little girl, before it was Red Apple.