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Living Wage

Photo by Carina del Rosario

Photo by Carina del Rosario

Jim Prim grew up in Castle Rock, Washington. He has been working in produce since he was 16 and has been working for Red Apple for 22 years. 

Jim Prim

Before it became popular for people to want a living wage, Lenny and Laurie have always paid more than they need to, to their employees. They were actually ahead of that curve. We get great medical and dental and pension, so it’s a great place to work. 

I myself am going up to the Hilltop store, but there's a lot of employees that they cannot absorb, so it's gonna be kind of a hardship for a lot of people.

A couple of months ago I broke my hip. The store was really gracious and when I came back they actually helped me out a lot. Most stores would say “Don’t come back until you can really work.” This store let me come back at ten hours and then twenty hours and then thirty hours. They kinda worked with me. And they were very caring.