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Stealing Socks at the Red Apple

Photo by Jill Freidberg

Photo by Jill Freidberg

KL Shannon grew up in the Central District. She lives with her nephews (pictured here) and her mother. They have recently been priced out of the Central District. 

KL Shannon

We were shopping,  and I remember we're in line, and this guy was standing there, and I didn't think anything about it until he was like, "Um, mam, could I speak with you?" So we go in the back, and there's Jakwuan and Sammy. He says, "Well your nephews were seen on the camera, on video, opening a bag of socks and putting the socks on." And he said, "The youngest one did it first, and then the oldest one followed." And I'm looking at Sammy, cause I'm like, "You're older than Jakwuan, you shoulda stopped him, but you followed?!" And Jakwuan's like, "No, Auntie, I didn't do that." And I said, "You're on video Jakwuan, you're on video!" Oh I was so mad at them too! I was more mad at my oldest nephew.

The young man that worked there are the time, he was so nice, he was like "We're not gonna call the police," and I negotiated with him to have Sammy come here, for the next two weeks to a month to help clean up and stuff around here, and so I mean Red Apple is part of the family. The idea of it being gone is, you're gonna miss it.