Shelf Life Community Story Project
Amplifying community voices, learning from neighborhood stories, and interrupting narratives of erasure in Seattle's Central District.


Next Steps for Shelf Life

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This week it has been exactly one year since we got the keys to the Shelf Life space. We have interviewed 65 community members. That simultaneously feels like a lot of people and not very many people at all. That’s more than one person per week. But there are so many more stories to record and share. Visit our Latest Stories page regularly, as we are always posting new ones. 

As fall descends on Seattle, we are prioritizing and organizing for the next chapter of Shelf Life. Before the end of the year, we will have to give up our space at the Promenade. This means that, for the next few months, we will not be scheduling interviews or hosting public hours at the story booth. In what remains of 2017, we will prioritize the following activities:

1) Transcribing and editing the stories we have already recorded. 

2) Editing and producing the SHELF LIFE PODCAST AND RADIO SERIES!!! With a grant from 4Culture Heritage, we will create 15 thematic episodes that will air on community radio stations and Low Power FM stations around the region.

3) Making arrangements with Central Area churches and senior centers to conduct interviews in those spaces in 2018. 

In the new year, we will start conducting interviews again, so if you have friends and family who have roots in the neighborhood, there's still plenty of time to interview them! We will also begin the design and development process for a large-scale interactive story platform (walking tour app, story map, etc). This will include a series of community forums to get input as to the best way to return the stories to the community. 

There are lots of other updates, such as Shelf Life’s participation in the upcoming Al Smith exhibit at MOHAI and a promising collaboration between NAAM and Kaji, to incorporate Shelf Life stories into an interactive audio app for use at NAAM. Stay tuned here to learn more about exciting developments at Shelf Life!

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